Brief Introduction of LaoQian

LaoQian, a professional company which specializes in providing integrated HR&Law services, is composed of two business units --- LaoQian management consulting company and LaoQian Law Firm. LaoQian management consulting company and LaoQian Law HR consultation, personnel selection and recruiting, HR management outsourcing, labor law, corporate law, etc. concerning enterprise establishment, operations, merger, division, restructuring, redundancy, relocation, dissolution and so on.


LaoQian Management Consulting Company is a client-oriented, professional HRM consulting company. It is committed to offer innovative and integrated solutions for HR outsourcing business. LaoQian Management Consulting Company is dedicated to provide service that helps clients optimize HRM strategy, raise HR management level, reduce management and labor costs, effectively control risks and improve organizational performance.


LaoQian Law Firm is a comprehensive law company that provides all-round law services with Labor Law cases as one of its specializations. Guided by contemporary enterprise management, relying on combination of specialization and teamwork collaboration, LaoQian is able to provide specialized law service team composed of different specialty lawyers according to clients or project requirements. Supported by meticulous business divisions and effective cooperative mechanism, LaoQian Law Firm guarantees professional , overall, high quality and efficient law services to all clients.


LaoQian, adhering to first rate strategic management principles, excellent creativity and maintaining professional team, strives to build itself into an outstanding service company cherishing employees' pride, clients' trust and society's recognition.




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