At the stage of company establishment, LaoQian could efficiently help in accomplishing registration and personnel reservation , thus improving client’s work efficiency and win competitive edge.
Business Content

 Business negotiations participation, drawing up of investment projects, joint venture contracts, articles of incorporation and other documents for establishment;

 Business license, tax registration and relevant papers processing required for company establishment ;

 Human resources configuration and system structures programming ;

 Recruitment services ;

 Talents dispatch services;

 Employment, payroll , social insurance, housing fund account opening and other HR affairs services

 Trade unions and ZhiDaiHui (workers’ congress)systems establishment ;

 Tailored design for employment relationship management process and formulation of rules and regulations.


During the establishment a foreign company and a software company, LaoQian assisted in conducting the feasibility study on salaries, talent reserve, laws etc. According to the companies’ requirements Laoqian helped drew up the organizational structures and relevant legal documents, and facilitated accomplishment of registrations. Subsequently, LaoQian assisted in the drafting and implementation of the personnel recruitment plans, provided daily personnel agency services and established management systems such as employee handbooks, enabling the companies to finish the construction preparations and to obtain operation capacity in a relatively short period of time, thus saved time for clients and improved work efficiency.

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