LaoQian Culture

The characters "LaoQian"are from "I Ching" nine in the third place of ch’ ien hexagram, "A superior man of modesty and merit(Lao Qian); carries things to conclusion; good fortune."

The logo of LaoQian, "",evolved from the graph of hexagram "",symbolizes blue sky and ocean, representing LaoQian people with "high aspiration and spirit of inclusiveness".

In the spirit of "Ch ien hexagram", LaoQian people are "dedicated and professional, seeking common ground on a legal basis; practical and cautious, reserving difference in an amicable way".

LaoQian appreciates win-win cooperation.

LaoQian attaches great importance to the promotion of the moral level of each LaoQian's employee and advocates "being honest and respectful in words and conducts".

LaoQian is enthusiastic in public welfare and is dedicated to the servicing the society. 

2013 劳动法系列培训预约