of Enterprises
Resettling employees is of crucial importance which might affect the stability of businesses and society when companies relocate for the need of development, merger or separation, city reconstruction, municipal planning adjustment, land expropriation, etc. This could become more problematic especially when it is a cross-administrative-zone relocation. LaoQian's integrated services, which ensure effective management are reliable guarantee for the smooth relocations of enterprises.
Business Content

 Conduct due investigation on current labor and personnel situation;
 Verify and summarize personnel files, data and information;
 Formulate scheme for resettlement and the handling of relevant legal affairs.
(2)After Relocation
 Soliciting opinions of employees and proceed with examination and approval procedures;
 Report, put on file and facilitate implementation of the resettlement scheme;
 Process redundancy and dismissal procedures on behalf of clients. 



A foreign packaging company, a joint stock company, a cotton company. etc. conducted relocations due to the adjustments of the city planning. During the relocations of these companies, LaoQian participated in the negotiations with workers representatives, reported to the government supervision departments, assisted in making the targeted resettlement plans, provided agency services for employee turnover, and helped the enterprises timely solved the group disputes and accomplished the complicated procedures of employee turnover for quite a large number of employees in a short time. In addition, LaoQian assisted the enterprises in establishing the incentive plans for retaining staff according to actual situations of the enterprises, and thus helped these enterprises successfully completed the relocations procedures, maintained their smooth production and business operation, and greatly reduced the cost of relocations.

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