When companies encounter circumstances like disputes over administration power or abnormal operations, or during management vacuum periods, LaoQian can provide escrow services and conduct daily management operation on behalf of companies who need these services and act according to their requirements to ensure smooth operations and normal activities thus safeguarding the rights and interests of companies and their shareholders.
Business Content

 Escrow and supervise the use of corporate seals;
 Escrow and supervise the uses of capital;
 Escrow over management of such as documents financial books, meeting minutes and resolutions of shareholders' committees and boards of directors and other legal papers;
 Escrow services over labor, personnel and relevant affairs.


A Japanese company encountered a dispute caused by the replacement of its general manager and entrusted LaoQian to provide escrow services. LaoQian helped the company with systematic escrow services including safe custody of the company's seal, capital supervision, employees' resettlement, supervision of contract performances, assets disposal, redemption of debts and liabilities, litigation surrogate, equity transfer negotiations, application for official examination and approval of business changes, registration and so on.LaoQian successfully helped the company passed the management vacuum period preventing the company from suffering heavy property losses thus safeguarding the rights and interests of the company and their shareholders.

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