Corporate Legal Service
Corporate legal service is one of the core services of LaoQian and lawyers of LaoQian have rich experience in the fields of company establishment, alteration, daily management, M&A, recombination, restructuring, dismissal, bankruptcy, litigations, and so on, and can provide effective and professional solutions for clients. Through close cooperation between the team of labor lawyers and the team of management consultants, LaoQian can provide integrated professional services for human resources and legal services relevant to company M&A, recombination, restructuring, downsizing and other material changes, design the best systematic solutions for clients and help clients solve difficult problems, save costs and prevent risks.
Service Content

 Corporate establishment and structuring;
 Assessment of legal risks of corporate administrative structures and standardization of regulations;
 Design and implement products for employee stock ownership, management buy-out and equity incentive;
 Commercial franchise handling;
 Project agent for property rights definition and transfer;
 Formulating and putting into effects plans for corporate separation or Merger;
 Formulating and putting into effects plans for restructuring State-owned and/or collective enterprises;
 Formulating and putting into effects plans for corporate investment, M&A, restructuring and assets disposal;
 Corporate dissolution and bankruptcy handling;
 Corporate dispute resolutions agent.