M&A and
LaoQian can provide systematic solutions for enterprise merger and acquisition and restructuring to help clients solve problems concerning legal & personnel changes,optimization of adjustments during the process, ensuring that clients of LaoQian can accomplish the goals of M&A and restructuring.
Business Content

Formulate legal and personnel adjustment scheme, etc;
 Assist in completing trade unions and ZhiDaiHui (workers’ congress) procedures such as soliciting opinions on, and going through examination and approval processes of the readjustment scheme;
 Apply for official examinations and approval of changes of businesses, etc. and to handle registration affairs on behalf of clients;
 Act as recruitment agency;
 Handle modification, rescission or termination procedures of labor contracts and related matters on behalf of clients.


During the M&A and restructuring process of a joint stock company, an equipment manufacturing company, a gas company, a real estate company, etc., LaoQian provided acquirers with services such as carrying out legal and human resources investigation at the early stage, providing plan for merger  negotiation and the signing of agreementsin the middle of the process,and then a series of services for the implementation of the readjustment scheme, etc. LaoQian successfully helped the clients took over the acquired enterprises, prevented the risks in M&A and safeguarding the rights and interests of clients.

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