When companies lay off their employees because of serious difficulties, bankruptcy restructuring, business adjustments or other reasons, LaoQian can design the most suitable solutions for these companies with its rich experience in law and human resources and thus help companies effectively reduce burdens, dissolve risks and improve efficiency.
Business Content

 To conduct HR status surveys and legal risks assessment;

 To make proposals for job cuts and recruitments;

 To assist in accomplishing the procedures of examination and approval as required by trade unions and ZhiDaiHui (workers’ congress);

 To report or to file in relevant affairs to government supervision departments on behalf of enterprises;

 To complete employees' redundancy procedures on behalf of enterprises.


An equipment company, a foreign company and a joint stock company conducted job cuts because  of the financial crisis, market changes, and operation adjustments. LaoQian assisted these companies to make the schemes of the job cuts, communicated with the authorities and reported relevant information on behalf of the companies. Under the supervision of LaoQian, the schemes were approved and implemented well, making the redundancy work fulfilled smoothly thus realizing the goals of the clients’ operation adjustments.

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