When enterprises decide to disincoperate at their own discretion or due to legal reasons such as being dissovled or shut down, timely resettlement of employees and disposal of creditor's rights and debts is essential. LaoQian provides effective service for the process.
Business Content

 Conduct legal analysis and work out programs before disincorporation;
 Formulate and implement programs for resettlement of employees;
 Provide escrow services for the recovery of creditor's rights and redemption of debts as well as disposal of assets;
 Act as agent  for employee and staff dismissal.


According to the resolution of shareholders' committee for company disincorporation, an enterprise entrusted LaoQian to provide services for the process. Under the assistance of LaoQian, the company timely formulated the effectively carried out the scheme for resettlement of their employees, assets liquidation , employee dismissal procedure and other relevant affairs, thus enabling the company smoothly accomplished the dissolution process.

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